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Ice Age….

This guy seems to be beating the UK’s MET Office, the one the taxpayers fund, you know, with their own money, with a worrying accuracy that the so called “experts” can only dream of….

It might be worth listening to what he has to say….


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Tubing @ Silver Star….

Never mind Big White, Silver Star is where it’s at!….

The tube runs where much better. 3 of ’em, faster, snow in your face, so much so, that you couldn’t see where the hell you were going, or how fast you were actually approaching the inflatable safety "pillow" at the end of the run….

Sam is in the first tube…. and for scale, to get a rough idea of the run, at the top of the shot, those buildings are 3 storey condo’s….. apartments in other words….

Tubing @ Silver Star....

Holly had her first snowboarding lesson, me and Sam had a few runs whilst she did. Only gripe, although it was my fault, was we buggered up a little. There was I thinking a DAY PASS meant AN ALL DAY PASS. Oh no, a DAY PASS is actually a morning and a little of the afternoon, up to 3pm, when you have to buy an AFTERNOON PASS which takes you from 3.30pm up until 8pm, if I remember correctly, when the NIGHT PASS takes over. So we got refused at 3.15pm when we tried to get back up the lift. There we were thinking it was cheaper than Big White too…. As another guy said to me, "Welcome to Canada, mate. It ain’t as cheap as you thought, eh!"

Other than that, thumbs up for the Silver Star resort. The whole feel of the place, despite being busy at lunchtime, was nicer. The buildings weren’t so packed in as they feel like they are at Big White, the design of the place fitted nicely into it’s surroundings, the ski runs were good. I’m no expert by any means, but couple all that with the much nicer drive, especially after the snow storm we encountered on our way back from Big White, and I’m won over.

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It’s All Over, For Another Year…

Christmas 2008 is over and done then….

Christmas Eve, just before the kids went to bed, we watched the family favourite, "The Polar Express". That’s 3 years running, so it’s now going to be a family tradition, it seems.

"Not too early!", the kids were told as we put them to bed. We weren’t surprised to see Sam in our  doorway at 4am…. again at 4.30am, 5.15am and 5.45am. At 6.30am, it was a case of "Sod it! Get up!"

Sledging in the afternoon, down at the kids school field.

Xmas Day Sledging (1)....

Xmas Day Sledging (2)....

For Xmas dinner, we went across to the neighbours, for our, what seems to be, annual get together. Loads of food, too much, but nice. 18 of us all crammed round their table. Afterwards a few of us cracked out the games, whilst the kids played hide and seek in the basement. My deck of "Old Maid" was the highlight, an xmas present for me when I was a kid.

Boxing Day was spent up at Big White, ( We were going to go tubing, but as anyone knows, it’s not as much fun when snow is falling as you slide. It slows the run down. So, we’ll go back up and do that again soon. Holly and me did some ice skating on the rink, whilst Sam snowboarded and Leigh walked round the village.

Boxing Day @ Big White....

The drive home, down the mountain, however, was horrible. Snow falling, wind blowing more off the trees, visibility of the road almost non existent and yet, some people were roaring past us. No surprise then, as we turned one bend, a truck which had done so, was in the ditch, almost on it’s side. Passengers were OK, but still, the to the driver, "you moron". Winter tires don’t stop you coming off the road, they merely help keep you on it….

Next up, New Years Eve and day, along with 2009, with all it may have in store for all of us….

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Cold, Snow, More Cold and Yet More Snow….

So, that’s it. School’s out for the Xmas Holidays….

Walking Home....

Our fourth one in Canada and it’s the coldest, “snowiest” one yet. Talking to people who have lived here, have said the same thing. Global warming eh…. Just heard on the news, that Vancouver has just broken it’s record for the coldest temperature recorded at the Vancouver International Airport. “Go figure!” as they say….

Sunny, but Cold....

Woke up this morning to a temperature of -18C, which is cold, I guess you can say. The window in the upstairs “apartment” has developed a large crack across it, the cold water tap to us in the “Dungeon” has frozen up and we’re expecting more snow and colder temperatures tonight. Which is nice. Me and Mrs Boom are off to a party, just down the road, but we were going to walk. Now I’m not so sure. Just to make it easier to decide, a “frostbite warning” was just reported, heard by Samuel on the radio.

Our flights are booked for the Caribbean….

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