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Gas Prices Up, Barrel of Oil Down….

Last week, due to the hurricanes in the U.S., the price of gas here, jumped 13c in one day, a 10% price. This as the price of a barrel was dropping. Go figure….

And, to be expected, the people all began moaning. Quite rightly, but, well, now, what did you expect? This was exactly my point a couple of posts back. I hate to say it, but Canadians are some of the most ill informed people, politically, I have come across. (Not all of them, so please don’t take offence. There are some pretty ill informed people in the UK, and Europe too…..)

I was warning Canadians of the NAFTA agreement over 18 months ago and was met with totally apathy. Not interested. Well, guess what, stop whining. Yeah, the U.S. price went up only 1c, so you got well and truly screwed and unless you do something, you’ll get screwed again. Only next time, it might be your freshwater as well as your gas.

So, we are due a drop, apparently, as of tomorrow, of roughly 8c. Still not the same as the jump though is it,  you fair and friendly gas companies.

Pump watcher predicts gas-price drop
Gas prices will drop nearly a dime Tuesday after a record one-day jump last week, a Liberal MP predicts.

Blatant profiteering, if ever there was any. Don’t give me that “well, they’re in business to make money.” crap. If anyone can explain to me how the price at the pump can be as high as is it was when the barrel was $150, nearly, I’d love to hear it. Now it’s dropped below $100, how we should be grateful for an 8c drop is beyond me. Crooks, oil companies and governments, the lot of them. And we’re all idiots for putting up with it.

Maybe, you’ll start educating yourselves now. But I doubt it.

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