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Back in the Studio….

It’s been a busy week here in the Boomerverse….

At Work 1....I’ve been in "the studio" recording vocals for some new tracks, preparing for an album, which should be out soon.

I finally got round to getting my hands on a decent mic and it’s making a huge difference, should have done it sooner. So what with the Mac, the mic and the desk, you don’t need a whole lot more. I actually like the sound of my own voice again. I’m just letting the thing warm up, so it’s ready for some more takes.

That’s the best thing about the wonders of technology these days. I’m here in Vancouver, Canada, whilst The Phantom is in the UK, at present, so what happens is he sends me a file to drop into Garageband, I lay the vocals tracks down and send the new file back, whilst he listens in via Skype live.

Stay tuned.

For the throat....The Engineer....The Studio Door....

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Sunday Morning,….

Nothing like a rainy day to stop the fun at the beach and get some real work cracking….

With the coffee flowing, I’ve been trying to finish some projects. Having quit the day trading, it’s not like I don’t need to get a move on or nothing….

Anyway, we’ve been putting some finishing touches to Leigh’s site which is coming along finally. We had a bit of block as to what to do, but a neat change of style and the creative juices are in flow again. Her cards, which have been selling quite well, are now going to be for sale from the site along with her paintings and photography. I’m trying to talk her into sticking a few of mine on there too, seeing as how I’m building it for her….

Then, while pictures are uploading and webpages are doing what they do, I’ve been going through the editing of a short story for another recent creation, set up with a local fisherman,

So, having a real productive moment. Mind you the sun is due back soon, so I better get cracking….

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City Paradise….

Found this on You Tube and figured it was worth a post., a short 5 min animation;

City Paradise– London is a big city, and for those new to it, it can seem quite scary. But Tomoko, who arrives from Japan to learn English, accidentally discovers a mysterious, secret city underground, inhabited by friendly little aliens and beautiful blossom. After she found it everything changes…


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