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“Sometimes a man meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”
– The International (2009)

So, Jesus Boom Jnr found me a new “client” the other week and I was left with no doubt from him and the missus, that I was to throw my hat in the ring…..

So, I did. A couple of weeks enused, with no word at all, not even an email saying they’d received my submission. Many a day passed where I would moan and proclaim “this is why I don’t bother and stay self employed!

Now, this is where it gets weird….

A week ago, a student/family well known for not letting me know the lesson had been cancelled until I was on the doorstep, once again, failed to even open the door to me. As this meant me standing in the cold, dark and rain, whilst I could see someone through the curtains, playing with their phone, after 3 rings and a knock on the door, I finally called time and stormed home.

Leaving it until the following morning, to see if they even had the manners to call me and see why I hadn’t shown up, which they didn’t do, I gave up and left a stroppy message telling them what had happened and that they had now forfeited their slot entirely…. A call was then made by the mum who said she had left a message for me on my phone. “Bollocks she did,” was my response. There was no call and no voicemail icon indicating a message had been left.

Two days the moaning went on. Jesus Boom Jnr trying to placate me on our weekly trip to the supermarket, by suggesting a Skype message had been left. “Nope, I get an email if a message has been left. It’s bullshit. She never left a message. Sod it, we’ll check it then!”

Considering I only check the voicemails on the mobile when the icon alerts me, or I know I’ve missed a call, I wasn’t expecting anything….

Especially not the very first message I got….

“Hello Lord Boom. It’s **** calling from ****** FC. We’re very keen to talk to you regarding maths tuition. If you could give me a call back to discuss coming in for a meeting on Friday.”

Now, considering this was Thursday morning, with no idea at all when the message had been left, you can imagine the language that was then vomitted out, as The Boomwagon was forced into an immediate about turn and a return to Boomerverse HQ to administer what’s known as “damage limitation” or at the very least try to talk my way out of why I had failed to get in touch….What happened next is a tale for another day…. suffice to say, I got the meeting and I did my thing…. and when Lord JB does his thing, well, it’s never let him down yet…..


So, if I hadn’t been left on the doorstep, I wouldn’t have called. (I usually don’t, I just don’t go back….). If I hadn’t called, the mother wouldn’t have called back. (She usually doesn’t….) And why, why, why, did I on this occasion, against everything I normally do, check my voicemail for a message I knew wasn’t going to be on there?

Weird, eh?

The Long and Winding Road continues it’s weird meanderings through the Boomerverse. I’ll keep riding the bike down it I guess. Where it’s taking me, I’ve no idea, I’ll let you know when I get there, but it’s been so long, I don’t really know what else to do….

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Education In The UK….

Mocks imminent for my daughter, this is where we stand….

Still no text book, officially, as it is now the case that her school now seems to rely entirely on web based services, some of which keep crashing on pretty much every student I now tutor from her school. Not to mention the fact that there is no explanation as to why they may have got the question wrong, assuming it’s been marked correctly by the site, a fact not always correct itself, so no way for the student to learn from their mistakes.

So, not enough practice. What makes this even more hilarious is that at the recent parents evening, when I was told by the 2 science teachers that she often forgets what they’ve just “taught” I again pointed out to them “that’s what the text book is for” only to be told “Well now, text books aren’t like they used to be.”

“That’s an odd statement,” was my reply, quick as a flash, “for your subject, she’s using the new version of the book I used 25 years ago to get my Physics O Level 6 months early….”

And then practice papers. She has a couple for various science modules, yet, no answers (she’s been told to get them online) and they’re not being checked, so can’t have any missing areas pointed out, covered, or explained, one of the science teachers isn’t there today, she has Wednesday’s off for some reason, Thursday is to be spent doing English Controlled Assessments and Friday, there’s no school, closed, again, for another inset training day.

Mocks begin Monday. I’m not holding out much hope.

In the end, it’s going to be up to me to make sure she’s ready for her science GCSE next May, as, as far as I can she’s been let down badly by what I was told was a great school….