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Huh? When?….

Just taken a peek and seen the last post was Dec 23rd. And it’s now Feb! Crikey….

Very slack.

We’re still in the UK for now, having set up our HQ Command Centre for a few months, whilst we wait for the next pathway of our fate to present itelf.

Other than that, all quiet, as far as I can tell. Nothing too exciting to report.

Snow has arrived in the UK. And the boiler, should you have been following the Boomerverse Twitter Feed, has decided to go AWOL. So, that’s handy. Tea, cheese on toast and mutliple layers of clothing, whilst we entomb ourselves in duvets help us stick 2 fingers up to the bloody thing. We foolishly left our snow and winter gear in Canada, so are ill prepared to deal with too much outdoor activity, settling for  board games, the radio, reading and Netflix instead.

So, on that note, I leave you with Kill It Kid and “Heart Rested With You”. I can’t remember if I’ve alerted readers to this lot, but we’ve got it blaring at the moment….


What next on the classic movie afternoon? “Psycho“?

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