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Eastbourne Seafront….

Eastbourne Seafront….

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Better on a sunny afternoon, but it is November I guess….

Click on the pic to embiggen, if you fancy a shoofty at an embiggened version.

The bike failed to start, parts need to be ordered, but I will get the girl going again. I’ve got to. I promised her I would when the tarpaulin was removed and I once again took my position in the saddle.

We’ve been exploring the old town areas of Eastbourne, I don’t know why we haven’t before and discovered the Meads part of town, which was very nice, having a the feel of a little village with lots of buildings with a lot of character. I think if we were to move permanently to Eastbourne, that’s where we’d like it to be. Although, it’s quite desirable and pricey….. so maybe as close as we can to the area might be a better idea.

No further plans or news as yet.

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