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Organic Food IS Better….

So, “organic food is no better!”, I heard you all cry! “You’re mad! You’re being conned!”….

Yeah, right….

Half of all the fruit & veg you buy is contaminated.

ALMOST HALF of the fresh fruit and veg sold across the UK is contaminated with toxic pesticides, according to the latest scientific surveys for the government.

Nearly every orange, 94% of pineapples and 90% of pears sampled were laced with traces of chemicals used to kill bugs. High proportions of apples, grapes and tomatoes were also tainted, as were parsnips, melons and cucumbers.

Alarmingly, as much as a quarter of the food on sale in 2008 – the date of the latest figures – was found to contain multiple pesticides. In some cases, up to ten different chemicals were detected in a single sample.

Experts warn that the “cocktail effect” of so many different chemicals endangers health. They also point out that some of the pesticides are not only cancer-causing but also so-called “gender-benders” – chemicals that disrupt human sexuality.

I see,…. “cancer causing” as well as “gender bending” chemicals, that “disrupt human sexuality”?

What’s that? Speak up. You’ve gone quiet, you know who you are, you were happy to laud the FSA report at me the other day, what’s happened? Where’s your cocky put downs now?

So, the headline, on the BBC website, from the 29th July 2009;

Organic ‘has no health benefits’
Organic food is no healthier than ordinary food, a large independent review has concluded.

…. is basically, false, if not an outright lie. It clearly IS healthier, as I’m not ingesting pesticides capable of causing cancer or turning me into a female version of myself, or my son into his sister and vice versa. Not to mention, that the review was so large, it failed to take into account the pesticide issue, one of the main reasons people prefer organic produce.

You can believe the FSA if you want. I don’t. I’m sticking with organic food…. sorry, let me rephrase that, I’m sticking with naturally grown food. You can have the lab/chemically enhanced stuff if you want.

But then I’m going to remind you of it next time I hear you comment about how healthy my kids look compared to yours….

Rant over. For now….

3 thoughts on “Organic Food IS Better….

  1. ‘But then I’m going to remind you of it next time I hear you comment about how healthy my kids look compared to yours….’

    … and when i’m having trouble telling if you’re a man or a woman, or a weird bent-gender version of both… or either…
    Interesting to note also that the board of the ‘independent’ Food Standards Agency is linked to Eclectica Agricultural – an investment fund, investing in agro-chemicals; Unilever – an agro-chemical producer; and the Carlyle Group, who, if I recall, invest in Monsanto… now that’s what I call ‘independent’…

    1. Quite, Winston, quite.

      “So this is your daughter, nice to meet you.”

      “I’m a boy.”


      Yeah, the board of the FSA. An interesting bunch when you dig a little deeper, eh. I couldn’t actually see any “advocates” FOR organic, sorry, naturally reared food on there. I might have missed them, so I’m hapy to be corrected.

      Still, we’re “nuts”, m8, “nuts” is what we are….

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