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Westside Daze, ’09….

Canada Day celebrations began on Wed 1st July, here at Westside Daze, on the Westside, in Westbank…. er West Kelowna,…

So we went to the fairground and let the kids go on some of the rides.

Fun Fair 1

The kids are on this one somewhere…. I could hear Holly screaming as I took this….

Fun Fair 2

$5 or $6 to go on the rides normally, which is pretty pricey I thought, for a small funfair, $2 a ride on Canada Day seemed far more reasonable.

And then, Friday night, music….

Neil Diamond (1)...

In the sunshine, I met Nigel, friend and foil, for a couple of beers in a "local", to prepare us for the double tribute sets of Tusk, the Fleetwood Mac tribute and headliner, Double Diamond, BC’s Neil Diamond tribute act….

Neil Diamond (2)...

For once in my blogging "career", I’m at a loss for words. I’m in need of some comments, Nige….

As the night got dark, towards the end of the set, I couldn’t resist getting up with the kids and dancing to the classics, Sweet Caroline ending it perfectly. I missed Love On the Rocks though. Me and Nige popped to the pub for a quick pint inbetween the sets.

The kids enjoyed themselves as did the crowd, so that’s the important part I guess.

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