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West Kelowna, On Fire….

Parts of West Kelowna, over 200 hectares, say the news, are tonight, on fire…

West Kelowna Fire 2

As we got onto the beach, on the opposite side of the lake, we saw a plume of smoke rising from the Glenrosa area of the Westside, about 10 miles from TheBoomerverse Estate….

West Kelowna Fire (1)...

We left shortly after arriving, figuring that we ought to get back to prepare for the worst.

The night is coming in, the temperature is going down, as is the wind, that seemed to whip up, in direct defiance of the fire fighters, and as I type this, from the deck in the garden, there are flames still lighting the West Kelowna night sky, from here merely dots, but nonetheless, flames, dangerous flames, with the dry trees and brush of the Okanagan…. they may even be starting up again….

Worryingly, reports are coming in that another fire has started nor far from us, in Rose Valley, from embers floating from the main one. Right up behind us in fact, a lot closer than I’m comfortable with.

We’re packed and ready to go if we need to evacuate….

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2 thoughts on “West Kelowna, On Fire….

  1. amazing what being on twitter means. up to the 30 second news. reporting from people who are involved. I have five windows open following the story back and forth while listening to 1150 on internet radio. pictures are great. thanks.

  2. Mad, eh! And I’ve got Skype running keeping my brother up to date!

    You’ve not been evacuated yet then!

    Take care, Cherie.


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