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The Meaning of Insanity….

It might be the 8th safest place to live in the world, but there are times when I do wonder about Canada. Well, BC mainly…..

Police campaign targets careless cyclists in Vancouver
(I like the careless bit. It’s careless to stand up to pedal…..)

Vancouver cyclists face ticketing blitz

At a time when we are told we need to stop using our cars so much, the RCMP are out and about issuing tickets.

So, this is the province/country where you can be fined $109 for not sitting on your bike, but standing as you pedal.

This is the country where you be fined for using your cellphone, again, $109, whilst riding your bike, but do so, either making calls, or more dangerously, texting, in your car and you are breaking no law.

This is the country where you can be fined $109 for not having a bell on your bike, but nothing for driving a car/truck with your pet dog sitting on your lap…..

Insane, not to mention frustrating. I’m afraid, at times, I just don’t get this place.

Although, I suppose the 2010 Olympics funding shortfall needs to be found from somewhere….

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1 thought on “The Meaning of Insanity….

  1. Told ya. Quick, where’s that bell?….

    More cost overruns at Vancouver Olympic Village….
    Affordable housing will cost $15M more than planned

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