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In nearly four years, we’ve never managed to get close to one of these little critters. Until now….


As she was checking out the recent crop plantation, the missus spotted Mojo, on our deck, not moving, not responding to her calls, simply staring at something. On closer inspection, she found this fella, well and truly tangled in the pile of netting we’d left for the strawberries.

He wasn’t moving, the net wrapped tightly round his tail and back legs and it took a few minutes of careful "surgical operations" to snip the net with scissors freeing him.

He didn’t fight, he didn’t scratch and he didn’t bite her, which was a surprise. Cornered, these things will go for you so I’ve been told.

But then, he didn’t say thanks either…. just jumped down and legged it! I’m sure that isn’t what’s supposed to happen. I know, I saw it in a Disney film….

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