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The Library….

I’ve said it before, but possibly THE best bit about the Okanagan, other than the weather and certainly one of my favourite bits anyway, is the library….

Xmas @ TheLibrary....

And it’s just got better!

Not content to have a massive CD library section, TV shows and documentaries on DVD, they now have movies on DVD! Some oldies, some new ones, more to come as the service rolls out. Everything from the Disney films, Batman Begins, Jurassic Park, the Indiana Jones movies, Munich, The Prestige to Atonement, and more, loads! I remember speaking to the crew at the library a few months back and them saying they were worried about people like Blockbuster, but who cares if you take them out? They wouldn’t give you the same courtesy, so stuff them! I’m raving I know, but this is brilliant!….

It never amazes me, when asked what do we do without TV, that people have no idea the library offers so much, for free. In the UK you had to pay for CD’s or DVD’s and videos from the library, but here, no. You have no joining fee, no rental fees, unless you bring them back late, but the new films you get for a week, so if you bring ’em back late, well, that’s your fault.

So, get off your backsides and get yourselves off to your local library, especially if you live here in the Okanagan. You can even save yourself a few quid by cancelling the cable TV….

Mind you, if you encounter the guy with the beard and dangerous ties, steer clear. Not only does he keep turning the checkout machine off, while you’re checking your things out, but he’s right rude! And whatever you do, don’t get on the wrong side of Sophie….

8 thoughts on “The Library….

  1. Funny!

    I haven’t been to the library since I was a kid!! I don’t even know where my local library is???

  2. JB,

    Save myself what? A few quid? What’s a “quid”?


  3. Jim – HAHA! Well, then Jim, your first mission, should you accept it, is to go find it!

    SheDevil – a “quid” is 1GBP, kind of like what we in Canada and the US, call a “buck”. Hope that answers if for ya!

    Take it easy folks,


  4. IMHO, the Library is the pinnacle of civilization, and the underpinning of free thought, solid democracy, and great discourse.

    Running water, sewer systems, trash collection, electric lights and electricity provide us with the great necessities and comforts of modern civilization, but the printing press and the library keep us free and progressing.

    And now, online access to so much of it makes it available everywhere, 24-7.

    1. Brad,

      My thoughts exactly! Perfectly put.

      Thanks for stopping by Brad, take it easy!


  5. We’re library fanatics just to the south of you in Summerland. The feature films have been a very nice addition, but honestly, it doesn’t make much sense to me. I always thought they should focus that money on high-quality films that aren’t already easily available in video stores — the best documentaries, foreign films, indie films, etc…

    1. Jeremy,

      I agree. They do seem to have gone all out on the films and increased the feature film library to a crazy amount in a short time. I’m not sure some of the choices make a great deal of sense and are a little unnecessary, a few spring to mind, (I couldn’t take Whatever Happens In Vegas for more than 2 mins, total rubbish…..), but thought it was a good way to increase awareness and get people through the door. The number of people who simply have no idea the library offers anything like this astounds me sometimes. Everything a lot of the people I speak to, have watched on TV, I get from the library. A little later, maybe, but I’ve saved on the extortionate cable or satellite fees….

      Foreign films and indie films would have made more sense, they already get some of the good documentaries. Of course, more would be better. I’ve sent them a suggestion to do it, along with suggestions on these kind of films. Get yours in as well, the more of us that make these suggestions, hopefully they’ll take some notice and start being a bit more selective in their new purchases.

      Take it easy, Jeremy, thanks for stopping by!


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