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Cold, Snow, More Cold and Yet More Snow….

So, that’s it. School’s out for the Xmas Holidays….

Walking Home....

Our fourth one in Canada and it’s the coldest, “snowiest” one yet. Talking to people who have lived here, have said the same thing. Global warming eh…. Just heard on the news, that Vancouver has just broken it’s record for the coldest temperature recorded at the Vancouver International Airport. “Go figure!” as they say….

Sunny, but Cold....

Woke up this morning to a temperature of -18C, which is cold, I guess you can say. The window in the upstairs “apartment” has developed a large crack across it, the cold water tap to us in the “Dungeon” has frozen up and we’re expecting more snow and colder temperatures tonight. Which is nice. Me and Mrs Boom are off to a party, just down the road, but we were going to walk. Now I’m not so sure. Just to make it easier to decide, a “frostbite warning” was just reported, heard by Samuel on the radio.

Our flights are booked for the Caribbean….

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2 thoughts on “Cold, Snow, More Cold and Yet More Snow….

  1. My God how do you do it!! I’m in New England and we just had our first storm and I’m ready to move to southern california!!

    Just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Great job!

    1. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, Jim, Xmas Holidays and whatnot have kept me off the computer. I say Xmas Holidays, I mean “keeping the kids occupied”!

      How do I do it? I have no idea, I wish I had an answer! Had to the driveway 4 times on one day and there was still more coming down. I gave up at that point and came in to start toasting the festivities! Hope you’re fending off nature successfully!

      Cheers for the “nod on me blog” as they say! Heading over to check yours out right now…..

      See ya!


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