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OK, we’re set, waiting for a bit of a break in the weather. Amazingly, we’ve had glorious sunshine across BC, until the week we’ve decided to camping….

The Tent....

We got the tent, apparently a 10 man, not sure about that, but enough space for us 4 anyway, and some other bits an pieces, water storage, sleeping bags and what not, borrowing the stove from a neighbour, so we’re all prepared. The Missus has been getting meals ready, so all we need to do is warm them up, stew, curry and other delights, whilst the kids have made chewy bars and cookies.

The route, follow the blue line;

Thought we’d make a bit of a "road trip" and see some different scenary this time, going via Kamloops and Lilooet. It’s a beautiful drive, so we keep being told, so damn it, we’ll go that way. We’re heading for Porteau Cove, on the coast north of Vancouver, a little further south of Squamish. We’re prepared for rain, apparently, so the kids and missus say. Whether they think the same trying to get the tent up in the rain remains to be seen….

Having said that, it’s supposed to be doing that now and as I look out the window, it’s obviously clear blue skies. As Buddha would say, it’s a trial, so we’ll pack the raincoats anyway….

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