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Where to now?….

We’re about to move again….

…..where to, we haven’t figured out yet. However we are aiming to be underway over the coming summer.

I am going to be in the UK, at the end of May for some music and media projects, but the general mood in the camp, is we have had enough of Kelowna and the Okanagan for now. The two main possibilities are Vancouver, if we can find work or, breaking the cardinal rule of the No Going Back book, return to the UK for a short period while we build up some cash reserves.

Looking back over some travel email newsletters I get, for inspiration, I came across this one;

"An enthusiastic bias for action brings adventure, healthy challenges, fun, and even mystery into our lives. Usually you’ll know what to do, you’ll decide easily. Done. But other times you’ll list advantages and disadvantages, just like you learned in Economics 101. And even with the list you still won’t be able to decide whether to adopt a new investment plan, sell the house, retire, move to Nicaragua, or whatever. I say go ahead and do it. Maintain a bias for action, a preference for adventure. After all, we retire to expand our lives. Stretching our known boundaries sometimes means we have to take a step out of our comfort zone into the unknown." – Paul Terhorst, Editor, International Living

But we’re still not sure….

It’s been a while, the longest period of "non-moving" we have endured for a while and we seem to be out of practice.

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