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Natural News Special Report….

I recently sent out an email, about vaccinations, telling people to get educated. I’ve now found some more info for you all, with a special report from the team over at (….

It’s free, it’s about the HPV vaccine being touted as essential for our daughters and soon to be, our sons. Click here to read the full report.

Like I always say, get yourself educated. Don’t assume that the government or big drug companies have your best interests at heart. Turn off your TV for a bit, I’m sure Pop Idol will still be on later, and your soaps will all be repeated.

Meanwhile your kids are being, for lack of a better phrase, "experimented on, for profit. If you don’t care, fine. But then, don’t moan when it’s too late and accuse the rest of us of blowing things up out of proportion….

Think I’m joking? Paranoid?….

Best-selling Sanatogen vitamin pills are dyed with harmful additives

Britain’s best-selling vitamin pill is dyed with artificial colours which can cause rashes and hyperactive behaviour in children. Sanatogen’s Kids A To Z Strawberry Flavour vitamins have another suspect additive: the red colouring Ponceau 4R.

Two colours – sunset yellow and quinoline yellow – criticised in an official study which led to their censure by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) last week – are found in Sanatogen Gold, the country’s leading multivitamin brand.

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