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In Concert, with Norman Foote….

On Friday night, Holly was part of the choir, in a concert with Norman Foote….

Norman Foote....

(She’e on the left hand side, as you look at the stage, roughly in the middle….)

They sang for about an hour, along with Norman, the usual fun songs that kids love to sing, with him doing a quick skit with a baby dummy, a baby’s cot, a dirty nappy which he proceeded to throw at the screaming kids along with a water pistol in the cot, making the kids think the baby was pee-ing on him, and then everyone in teh choir (…along with the people in the front row. It had some reach!). Sam, needless to say was screaming in hysterics!!!

So, all in all, a good concert, he had the kids under control, amazingly, with them all singing in time at the right places and the whole thing was a lot more fun than we were expecting.

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