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A funny thing happened….

"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." – John Lennon

Well, there we were, trying to decide what to do next, Vancouver, Toronto, when I get a Skype call from the Phantom, saying I need to get back to the UK, soon, as he may have some gigs lined up and a possible support slot for a band on their European tour in 2009, due to some of the music we have been recording being heard. Funny old world.

So, plans are underway, for a return to the UK, for me and maybe the rest of the clan if projects become more long term. I have a photo assigment scheduled at the start of April for a couple of days, then may leave for the UK from mid April for at least a few weeks, to start rehearsing, do some more recording and to put some finishing touches to the album, which I hope we’ll finally get out in May.

JB @ The Mean Fiddler, London, UK

Exciting times are afoot again, Jesus Boom may be dusting off the old disco shirt for one more stint on the dancefloor as they say…. or as a doctor once said to his captain….

McCoy: You’re hiding. Hiding behind rules and regulations.
Kirk: Who am I hiding from?
McCoy: From yourself, Admiral.
Kirk: Don’t mince words, Bones. What do you really think?
McCoy: Jim, I’m your doctor and I’m your friend. Get back your command. Get it back before you turn into part of this collection. Before you really do grow old.

I knew it was about time I discovered my old ST collection and always thought there was more magic in there, if you got past the wobbly sets…..

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