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Slow Start to the day….

Sunday morning, nothing much planned, the skies are a bit grey, although we can’t complain – we’ve a few days of glorious warm sunny weather, the snow here is almost gone.

Another day, another view....

As I listen to the radio online, Holly is finishing her mystery story she started last night, at the kitchen table, on my old laptop, Sam is racing cars on the Wii but about to go let his friends dog out for her morning business, Leigh is still in bed and I’m waiting for the kettle to boil before I get the eggs on, while a few photos upload.

We had some bad news this week, Leigh’s great uncle passed away, in the UK. Apparently he’s been ill for a while, so at least he’s in peace I guess. Still a sh!tter, nonetheless.

The cat has taken to sneaking up behind the laptop as I type, so that the first I know of it his when his paw comes at my hand, from round the side of the screen, claws outstretched. He’s just sunk them in my finger and as I recoiled in pain, legged it off the table and found the nearest box to leap in. I think he’s hungry.

So that’s it for now, the kettle is boiling.


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