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About time for a view….

Looking out the window, the other night, from the top floor of the house, I figured it was about time I snap’d the view again…..

One afternoon, in Jan (2)....

The James Bond tune is almost finished, it’s "blindin’", as they say, if I do say so myself. I’ll post how to hear it when it’s up on the web, via our site or iTunes.

I’ve finally managed to get snowboarding, having been here for nearly 3 years and I can say it’s "awesome". I’ve only been upto Crystal Mountain, with a friend of mine, but it’s all you need, especially as it’s quiet and not as well known as the others in B.C.

On the Lift....

That’s me, in the black on the left…..

This morning, Leigh has gone cross country ski-ing with Samuel and his class, so, hopefully she’ll have a few shots for the posts.

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