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Old Post, I forgot….

Having a spring clean of the old computer this morning, I found a post I completly forgot to post, read it if you want,… you probably know about by now anyway. Or at least you should do….So, after the government has committed a staggeringly huge act of criminal negligence,…. ….the papers are pointing out that the morons out there are more than happy to divulge they’re own data anyway, via facebook, or ignoring it all together, and puking up worthless drivel about how/why/what/where/when the english football team failed to get itself into the euro cup competition… Astonishing… the bbc is more concerned about how it’s a ‘bad week’ for the government, than the fact that they’ve just exposed every kid in the country under the age of 16 to ID theft… astonishing…

Revenue refused to omit personal data ‘Apparently it costs too much to protect the private data of the taxpayers who pay for it all! I’ll bet Gordon Brown’s data is well secured!’ Read Full Article @ in Brown takes a 30-point dive as lost data crisis deepens ‘Only about a quarter (26 per cent) of voters said they now considered the Prime Minister’s administration “competent and capable” – down 30 points in almost three months.’ Read Full Article @ more discs missing from tax office as search for data continues ‘At least two more CDs which could leave people open to identity fraud have been reported missing by staff at HM Revenue & Customs this week, it was revealed last night.’ Read Full Article @ to comply ‘In light of the 25,000,000 lost records from the Inland Revenue, I am urging everyone to stop and think about their own personal data for a moment. For far too long, the Government has regarded our personal and private data as their own. If they want that information, we MUST hand it over, regardless of the rationale. We are not told what any of the specific information is used for or why they need so much of it, what they intend to do with it and we are expected to comply.’ Read Full Article @

Hold on though, as the morons say, ‘if yoo got nuffink to ‘ide, yoo got nuffink to wurry about, ‘ave yoo?’Tags: , , , , ,

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  1. hmmm… this looks…strangely…familiar…

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