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News from Canada….

From the No Going Back newsdesk….

Not much to report, we have had snow, then it rained and disappeared again. We’re expecting more soon.

Leigh has been trying to get her driving licence. She got the theory part on the 4th go and then proceeded to fail the actual driving. "I can see you can drive", said the driving tester, "….but." He also said that most of the people here in Kelowna can’t drive anyway! So this and the fact that it’s perfectly legal to drive along with your dog sitting on your lap, really makes you wonder….

Her foot is healing up, almost no scar left at all. She has finished her probationary period at the bank,… no, sorry, credit union…. so we wait to see what happens next.

The kids are doing OK at school, usual story. No sports for Samuel, we’re trying to get his knee repaired in time for the indoor season in January. Holly has been rehearsing for her latest play, Sleeping Beauty, which she has the pergormance of today.

I may go back to daytrading now that Leigh is settling in, we’ll see. There doesn’t seem to be much else for me to do, workwise, which is going to be the downfall of this place, for us anyway. Time is running out for us to do anything. We’re looking to be moving on soon, where to, I don’t know.

Other than that, all OK on the Canadian front.

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