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Injured Mutha……

So, we’ve been here 2 and a bit years, she has her permanent residence status finally, allowing us to get her on the family coverage, finally, the forms are on their way to get her on the medical plan, finally, so we have had no need to make any insurance claims on our health insurance for her.

We were so close…. and then….. with the Rolling Stones blaring out, and a mother dancing with her daughter….

Injured Mutha 1.....

Somehow, as Jumpin Jack Flash was blaring out, she managed to catch her right heel on one of the kitchen cupboards, splitting her heel wide open! So much in fact, that you could see the Achilles Tendon part. So, at 9.30pm, we packed up bits and pieces for the kids to do and set off for Kelowna General. What better way to spend a Friday night…..

Injured Mutha 2.....

8 stitches later, with the 2 doctors making light of how someone could achieve a wound as deep by dancing, although saying she was lucky not to have damaged her Achilles bit, and we were all done and out in about an hour, which was good. All 4 of us have now made use of the city hospital since we’ve been here! (I think we’ve seen more of the hospital here in the last 2 years than the entire 10 combined.)

Needless to say, she’s a bit sore this morning and hobbling around. We have had an eventful week, eh….

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