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Sick Kitten….

It’s 10.30pm, I’m wide awake, waiting for news about our little fella. He’s extremely poorly and at the emergency vets hospital.

Mojo, in August....

He’s been kind of lethargic for the last couple of days, but today, he pretty much went downhill rapidly. His breathing was starting to get irregular and he would sit in the corner facing the wall and even when I went to get him, got up climbed into his box and flopped down right at the back.

So, he’s been x-rayed and there seems to be fluid building up in the lungs as opposed to around them and we’re all hoping that’s the case, as that might mean pneumonia which can be treated. Anything else and it may be serious. It may have been brought up from his little "operation" last week, along with the numerous jabs the poor little bugger had to get.

Fingers crossed, we’ll know more in the morning, but I’ve just called to check up and he seems to have responded to the first lot of antibiotics, his breathing improved and seemingly calmer and more cat like in his posture.

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