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News Round Up

Scientists ask: Where have all the dolphins gone?

‘The alarming drop in numbers of the Bay’s three most common species of dolphin — the striped, bottlenose and common — can be attributed to one or both of two causes, Clive Martin, senior wildlife officer for the Biscay Dolphin Research Programme, told AFP.

"We know for a fact that by-catch is killing thousands of dolphins every year," he said, referring to commercial fishing operations in the bay, which is formed by the northern coast of Spain and the eastern French seaboard up to the tip of Brittany.’


Fingerprint scanning at nursery

‘The nursery said the measures enhanced security A fingerprint scanning system is being introduced at a nursery in Bath to allow only parents and staff access. The biometric controls are being introduced at the First Steps nursery to "enhance existing security arrangements".’


Chertoff: You Will Submit to the Control Grid

‘“Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act,” reports CNN. “The Department of Homeland Security insists Real ID is an essential weapon in the war on terror, but privacy and civil liberties watchdogs are calling the initiative an overly intrusive measure that smacks of Big Brother"


Outcry over rise in forced adoptions

‘Record numbers of young children are being removed from their parents and adopted unjustly because of government targets and the "secrecy" of the family courts, it was claimed today. Campaigners say there are now more than 100 cases of possible miscarriages of justice where children have been forcibly adopted.

The figures, revealed in BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme, claims the number of parents in England who have had to give up their children, despite insufficient evidence they were causing them harm, has now hit record levels.’


‘Put CCTV in addicts’ homes to protect children’

‘A controversial plan for CCTV to be used to protect children in the homes of chaotic drug-abusing parents has been proposed by one of Scotland’s most eminent drugs experts. Professor Neil McKeganey, head of the centre for Drug Misuse Research at Glasgow University, believes radical measures are required to protect the estimated 160,000 children in Scotland living with an alcoholic or drug-addicted parent.’

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