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$100 Offer, Expires August 28th 2007….

OK, this is a quick one, the offer runs out on the 28th August, so you need to think fast and make a decision.

The people over at Sitesell are running a "buy one site, get a second for $100" promotion.

If I haven’t spoken to you about this lot before, let me give you a quick introduction.

They provide you with all the tools you need to build an income generating, web based business, which can be built around an existing knowledge, skill or hobby.

How’s that? Short and to the point. (For a more in depth look at what it can do for you, click here)

Most of the web business are losing money, that’s a fact. However there are some, mainly smaller operations that are managing to make a go of it and earning a living. (Want proof? Click here.)

The trick is not a flashy, super technical designed site, but a simple one that gets the "click", as they say. The SiteBuildIt does just that. $299 gets you access to tools to create a site that would normally cost well over $5000 if you did them all separately.

Here are some specific links to some general areas where people are creating there own sites and income from the Internet. These are not get rich quick scam ideas. If you’re looking for that kind of thing, forget it. Go somewhere else. (For the whole picture, from selling hard goods to real estate, head over to the main SBI page, click here)

Work At Home Mums choose not to take paid work outside the home, so that their family can be their first priority. SBI! can provide the flexibility, income generation and personal fulfillment you are seeking. Click Here

University/College Students – Students spend tons of their spare time on the Internet. Now, SBI allows them to use that time to build a profitable small business that could pay them an income for life. Click Here

Retirees – retirement can mean freedom, enjoyment and extra income! Click Here

Work from Home – Just about everyone’s dream is a job that they can do at home. No commute, no bosses, and a chance to work in your ‘jamees. Well maybe not. Anyone looking for a new life and new possibilities… moms, retirees, people with health problems, and anyone looking for a job they can do from home. SBI! has the power to deliver. Click Here

If you’re unsure whether your "idea for a business" is a match for SiteBuildIt, ask them directly. click here, to speak to someone there, get in touch with me, OR just get the site using the special offer, and then get in touch and we’ll figure it out later. The second site can be for you, as a gift for a relative or friend or something you just keep for now and create a second business once the first is up and running.

I’m off to register another couple of sites now.

To find out more and order yours click here

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