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Skool’s Out For Summer….

The kids broke up yesterday for the summer, now all we need to do is keep them occupied…. for 10 weeks!

We went down for the last assembly, where they were also saying goodbye to the secretary, who has been there for the past 5 years. Tears all round, poor kids! She was great though, always friendly, making us feel very welcome when we first got here and went to register the kids in the school.

The Kids Say Goodbye....

As far as the awards went, they were for grade 4 and up, so Holly wasn’t eligible this year, (Beware next though I should imagine. Her "reading distance" has got her from one side of Canada to the other, I should imagine it’s also got her halfway back too!) Samuel on the other hand, pulled an award for his "work ethic" out of the bag, which we were not expecting at all! He was the only one in his class to get it, for his approach and attitude to his work. His teacher said, before he called him up, told the audience that this award goes to a young man, who has gone from "I can’t do this, I don’t understand"  to actually working at problems on his own and taking some effort in getting his work done well, using his head a whole lot more. His teacher, Mr Kuffner, has to take some credit, he’s been superb for Samuel, just what he needed to get him on course after he seemed to lose interest before we left London. So, thanks again, Mr K!

Samuel Collects His Award....

Even his teacher from last year had a huge smile on her face when he went to get his award. He said last year that he hoped he could get an award and he he did. now we’ve got to keep him motivated, so, we’ll see how he goes from here…

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