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And now, pet food too….

Little did I know how complicated caring for a pet had become these days.

Having long been an advocate for organic food for us, it appears our latest addition is going to require the same treatment, not that I was going to do anything else….

Mojo Close Up....

You may have seen, read or heard of the recent scare in pet foods (toothpaste too, but I’ll come to that in another post….), you may even have been affected by it, or your pets, although I hope not, but anyway, I’ve 2 things tonight;

A.    You shouldn’t use clay cat litter. 2 reasons, (1) After doing their business, the stuff is on their paws, which they then lick clean, then causing it to sit in their stomachs, along with the (2), the anti bacterial chemicals coating the stuff. Not good.

B.     A certain brand, which we thought was good, is actually the worst, bulking their dry food with grains and wheat. As cats are carnivores, I don’t necessarily think this is a good idea, nutritionally for the little precious. The pet store guy confirmed this.

I’m going to be looking into this a little further in the coming days and weeks, no doubt adding it to the issues broadcast from my soapbox. If anyone wants to add to this, give me more info or just "get involved" leave a comment, or email me,

As Jerry Springer used to say, "Take care of yourselves, and each other." You can add pets to that list now too.

Stay tuned,


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1 thought on “And now, pet food too….

  1. Take a look at the natural cat food selection on Lick Your Chops is good stuff and my cat is totally addicted to the red meat tuna canned food from Natural Value. They also have canned lamb, duck, rabbit, venison, etc. if you’re concerned about the carnivorous thing…

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