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News, at least a little….

So, we’re now nearly at the end of May, where has the year gone?

The weather here in the Okanagan is hotting up, every day now for a couple of weeks has been sunny, and the temperature is now in the high 20’s every day. Give it a few more and the water should start to warm up too.

Leigh and me have been a bit slack with the hit yoga, although we’ve been hitting the pool for a few lengths, which feels good. She’s been getting more of her ideas ready for her site and trying to decide where she’s is going to take it. I’m still trading and have a couple of projects and ideas bubbling under the surface, which may see the light of day sooner rather than later, as we may be looking to move across to Vancouver and need a fast injection of cash!

The footie is still going, for Samuel. They had a couple of defeats and then a draw. Another match this weekend, against a couple of his school friends, so it should be competitive.

Holly is at a bit of a loose end, although she’s been honing her story writing, which I hope one day will be her trade. She’s getting good at getting her imagination down on paper, which is interesting, to say the least. She was explaining to me about a weird world she dreamed of when she was younger, but you’ll have to wait for the story….

We’ve had a load of requests from around the world for more of Mojo. He’s obviously now the star of the show! So, as requested, here’s another photo of our little bundle, mid yawn. There’s more of them over at our online photo album, click here to go see ’em

Mojo, yawning....

That’s all for now then, folks, I can’t think of anything else, if I do, I’m sure you’ll be the first to know.

Take it easy,


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