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Languages and Numbers….

So, here’s something I throw out to you all:

Pupils ‘are urged to drop maths’ – Pupils are being discouraged from taking A-level maths as schools in England chase higher places in the league tables,scientists have claimed. (Read Full Article Here…)

and, followed up by this…

The government’s exams advisers have told it that its plans for two new maths GCSEs are not going to work. (Read Full Article Here….)

meanwhile the Chinese, are doing this….

Maths enthusiasts are being challenged to answer a sample question from Chinese university entrance tests.

A glance at the two questions reveals how much more advanced is the maths teaching in China, where children learn the
subject up to the age of 18, the society says.

It has sounded a warning about Britain’s future economic prospects which it claims are threatened by competition from scientists
in China. (Read Full Article Here….)

Now, tell me, who are going to be in charge, in this Brave New World?

I’d start teaching your kids Chinese if I was you. I’m getting mine doing it, from a free downloadable podcast. Let me know if you want the details.

Take it easy, folks! As I was told the other day, McDonalds are hiring….


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