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Game On….

With over half of this indoor season completed, it was down to this game. Green versus White, both teams undefeated so far. This was to be the decider, let the battle commence….

Game On....

For the whole week, Samuel had been talking about how he was a bit nervous for the upcoming game, how they had a good player, who was going to be their danger man, his father trying to calm him, giving him advice on how to simply shut him down. I don’t know, these competitive parents…. but this was "war"

And so Saturday morning came, tensions were high and the whistle blew, game on!

Should we have worried? No not really, the Green’s came out and showed that there was only going to be one winner, taking a 3-0 lead in the first period. This was extended to 6-1 in the second, and stretching to 10-3 by the end of the game.

Although the Whites fought hard, the Green’s simply shut them out. Every time they made a break one of the Greens ran with them and took the ball away, frustrating them at every step.

And the danger man? He was shut out by the "Juggernaut" on a number of occasions, who also scored 2 goals in the third period.

So, a great game was played, the best so far for us. All round the team came out and played to the best of the abilities from the first whistle and never backed down until the end.

We have a few more second matches to play, hopefully the determination will still be there, knowing that we have beaten the teams before. That will be the next challenge.

Listen to me, dear oh dear, I’m not the coach, and I think I’m getting carried away, more than Sam….

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