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Oh no, more snow….

Well, after the snow a couple of weeks back, I foolishly thought it would be done for the time being. How wrong could I be.

It’s been snowing now for the past week nearly, on and off. In the first deluge we had nearly 20cm. Deeper than last year. There’s loads of it!

It's been snowing here 1....

No sooner could you clear the drive, when another load came down and you were right back where you started. It’s been worse than last year, as it all came at once and is still coming down as I write. Temperature -10 degree C, and predicted to get colder!

Check out our local rag, The Daily Courier ( for more news and pics from around the area, I’ll also be sticking some more up on the photo album.

Unless I’m too cold to tyoe that is!

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