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I Can See A Rainbow, See A Rainbow,….

We’re entering the last stretch of the mammoth 2 month summer holiday break – I think we’ve had quite enough fot the moment thanks. (There is a warning that the teachers may be on strike next week too, that is not going to go down well in this camp, not this time i’m afraid….)

I Can See a Rainbow, See a Rainbow....

The temperature is cooling somewhat here in the Okanagan, been quite chilly the last couple of days/nights, although, next week the forcast is for up in the 30’s and sunshine all week. Just in time for them to head back to skool!

Leigh is preparing for her first exhibition with Annabel, up at Coyote Vineyard. The’ve got vine globes galore, as well as vine angels, birds and other assortments. Leigh has been making postcard/greeting cards for sale. They are for sale, if readers want any, and she can make other designs as well. I’m trying to get her to put more of her artwork on here and a website, but she’s taking orders now. Check out the “GALLERY” page later today or tomorrow for pictures and more details. I don’t know how many she’s made, but she’s already sold 5 packs (as well as half a dozen of her vine globes). So breakfast at the “Grateful Fed” on Saturday morning may well be on her….

A news item I read, made me chuckle. He had to be Canadian didn’t he….

Canada pilot in toilet trip dramaClick here to read article

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