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A Night Under the Stars….

I’m not entirely sure whether it was Holly or her Mum who most wanted it, but with some of her birthday money, Holly bought a great 4 man tent for "all of us to share."

Camping in the Garden

We spent Saturday night under the stars, sure to hear wildlife lurking around outside – nothing came. Our only entertainment came when Sam, whilst still "asleep" thought he would dive across our bed. Why, I have no idea. We all slept well, apart from Leigh she says. How we spent so long sleeping on floors on inflatable mattresses after leaving London, I’ll never know. (Inflatable mattress I hear you shout?!?! Ah well, you see, camping in the 21st Century is a whole lot more appealing now We even took the laptop to watch a film when the kids had gone to sleep!)

Anyway, we got up at around 7am, for pancakes and coffee in the tent. More camping to come….

The Organic Garden

A bit of annoying news, our organic veggie garden seems not to be bearing fruit, or veggies. All the various plants seem to be flowering well, but….

The tomatoes, despite the plants shooting up thanks to the climate, would appear to be lacking in calcium and the carrots seem to be going the same way. It’s a shame, after all the work Leigh has put in to getting it going. Any tips from our readers would be appreciated, although it’s probably too late for this years crop.

Things coming soon – Leigh has her vine weaving exhibition with Annabel coming up in September (Check out the gallery link at the top of the page for pics of some bits and pieces), her Canadian Residents permit arrival "should" be imminent, although Canadian Time seems to run at a different speed to the rest of the world and we have our "One Year in Canada Anniversary" coming up at the end of August. What happens then, we don’t know as yet….

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  1. Hello all

    Holly how kind of you to buy the tent for you all and NO pressure from ANYONE, by the look of the background you were really camping rough and mummy being able to make pancakes and coffee over a campfire, she is certainly a clever mum, obviously she was taught very well. Next time you go camping do not forget to send more pictures.

    Love you

    Nanny Brenda

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