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Updating, better late than never……..

Again, I have been a bit slow on updating the blog, thanks for the concerned messages. Yes, we are still in Canada, surviving!

It’s been snowing, not every day, but cold enough not to disappear, until the last few days that is. Whether it lasts until Xmas Day is another matter. I have my doubts at the moment.

The radio show, or podcast to give it its rightful title, should be broadcast on the 1st or 2nd of January, make some space on the iPod if you have one! I’ll keep you all posted of when it goes up on the web. (Email me if you want to join my mailing list)

Other news;

My job is going well, I say job, I leave the house for a few hours to do something other than nothing kind of way. I haven’t made my fortune yet, but have been working at improving my trading skills, honing them into samurai-esque fashion, getting in and out of the New York stock markets at lightning speeds!

Since the begining of December, Leigh’s Mum is staying with us for a month, sampling the lifestyle. Leigh is also trying to get some artwork displayed and then sold, hopefully, in an art cafe in Vancouver. That’ll give her something to do hopefully, as she is getting a little bored at home, waiting for the sponsorship papers to come through.

Sam has been skating on the local lake, getting himself acquainted with the skills of the ice hockey player. I am amazed at his ability to almost take up any sport or outdoor activity and be proficient at it almost instantly. I do get a little proud of the monkey when I see him in action. What will he do next?!?!

Holly has been doing well as at school, her reading mainly, coming on in leaps and bounds. She is most definitely the academic one. The local library has been keeping us stocked up with bits and pieces, to try and keep her occupied, and her brain working. We are apparently local stars now as our library card is “maxed out” at 100 items! That hardly ever happens, as people simply don’t use them anymore.

So, I am working on more posts to come, I’ll try and update a little quicker and respond to the emails a bit faster.

Take it easy,


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