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Patenting a Pig and other news……

Now you can claim the patent on a living creature. (Read more)

Watch what you eat, too. E161g is the one they put in farmed salmon to make it pink, and eggs to make the yolk yellow, and that leaves yellow deposits in human eyes. Nice. (Read More)

PS. How to cut your BT phone bill!

Thought some people might be interested in this – If you’re calling from the UK, we’ve found a good web site where you can sign up for low cost phone calls. We signed up for this before we left, but also, have just registered some family and friends up for the service. I also used them for making conference calls. If you want any more info on this, click on the link below, or get in touch with me.

You keep you BT line and number and simply pay Equitalk for cheap calls (there’s no codes to dial or boxes to plug in, unless you simply want the basic service).

It only takes 3 minutes to join on-line – just click on the link below and you’ll go straight there:

Cheap Calls, in the UK and Abroad!

Take it easy!


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