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Grape Picking……

Saturday was spent picking the grape harvest from our friends vineyard. There were about 15 of us doing the picking, some people coming and going throughout the day. As the morning mist rose through the valley, an eerie sight, the sun came out, and warmed up wet hands and cold feet, making the work a very satisfying experience. It’s hard work, physically, back breaking as it were, until you learn the trick of using one of the buckets as a seat!

The view from Coyote Vineyard

The whole job was done in the tradition of a celebration of the reaping of the harvest, that the owner, Annabel had experienced in a number of the countries she has lived and grown fruit. Lunch was provided, bread, crackers and rolls, various cheeses, sausage and salami, wine and lemonade for the kids. And all this with a breathtaking view!

We managed 3.5 tons, which was a good amount for the small plot, and they were boing taken to the local wine producing factory the next day.

The kids had a superb time, playing in the barn, (I don’t know what they were making but for half an hour an intense hammering was heard from the old place!), as well as carrying buckets full of grapes to the and riding on the tractor with old Ron, driving him up the wall he said, but he clearly enjoyed ticking the kids off, then carrying them around the vineyard collecting the full tonage bins. We only saw Samuel here and there throughout the day, whilst Holly was busy helping Leigh and Annabel pick fruit.

And all this, whilst the howl of the coyote pack in the woods could be heard, and a small group of wild deer watched us from the adjoining orchard.

Payment was a couple of bottles of wine from Quail’s Gate vineyard, where Annabel’s husband works, and went down a treat, before we fell asleep, exhausted from hard work and fresh air, on the sofa, watching TV.

I think I agree with the kids, let’s stay for little bit longer!

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