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Organic? Expensive?

Couldn’t resist getting a photo of this on the blog. Check out the carrots! They’re red, but orange inside! Traditional I think it’s called. And to the taste buds? Nowhere near as bitter, they have much more sweet flavour. This isn’t even all of it, cucumbers that are odd shaped, peppers that are bordering on black, as opposed to red or green, a yellow one, that’s almost white, and tomatos that look like nothing I remember, but taste out of this world!

We ventured back to the farmers market in Kelowna today, for our weekly shop of fruit and veg. We didn’t want to get it from the supermarkets as they are charging top dollar for organic fresh food. This isn’t even all of it, we got apples, peppers, carrots, cucumber, peaches, broccoli, lettuces, cheese, and cost us around CA$26 (£13). If that’s too much to spend on eating food fresh from the farm, and untampered with, well you can keep going to the supermarket I guess, and pay the same as we paid, but for food full of junk.

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