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Driving Licences

Having a few problems with car insurance and British Columbia driving licences. Man, are they sticklers for details, these Canadians! Last week it was the insurance documents, and now this.

I’ve sat the first part of the knowledge test, and then was surprised by the lady informing me that I also need to do “drive out with a test inspecter”.

Anyway, the deal is this;

In BC, if you intend to stay, as a resident, you need to apply within 90 days of being here, for you BC licence, or you can;t get insurance on a car. (Before you come, it may be wise to apply for an international drivers permit. You can use that as a document to get your car insurance.)

If you don’t intend to stay, you can still get insurance, but only for 6 months, on your UK licence. (You should check out the necessary details from other countries before you get here. That’s the route we’re taking. I got me a Jeep to go get, and some 4×4 offroading to do, especially as I got to get it in before it snows out here!

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