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OK, no posts for a bit. I have been without internet access for a while, through the move, and emigration to Canada. I am here now, so the blog can really get under way!

So we made it. After many a setback, and still no real idea of what the hell we are gonna do here, Leigh the kids and me, are in Canada. And what a difference. Friendly, pleasant, helpful, no feelings of being ripped off, space, clean habitats and kids cycling around after dark with no fear of being attacked. Can I recommend this place? Without a doubt. If you wanna go somewhere better, I think I’ve found it.

Cards, pots of flowers and an apple pie! Our new neighbours, from over the road (the house to the right in most of the pictures of the view), are Bill and Darleen. My goodness are they friendly, but I guess that goes without saying. They have helped us get a doctor, check out about a car, given us endless advice, and been great company. I never got that in Richmond! Nor did I get it Eastbourne. (In fact, on the last day there, I had words with a neighbour because we had overloaded the bins with our rubbish. I thought I paid council tax for a service known as refuse collection? Oh well, I am out of it for the time being.)

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