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Candy Warning for Halloween….

Just had this forwarded to me. I already knew about this, as should you all, if you have been keeping up with the news, but if you haven’t, you have been warned….

Halloween Warning: Candy Made in China May be Contaminated with Toxic Melamine
This Halloween, children across the United States may be poisoned with toxic melamine, a potentially deadly chemical that causes severe kidney damage, liver damage and even death. This chemical is found in chocolates and candy products made in China, which is now embroiled in a global melamine scandal involving eggs, animal feed, candies, infant formula, milk products and much more.
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If you have time, 20 mins, maybe watch the following….



So, tonight, before you let your kids stuff themselves with their candy, take a moment just to look at what’s in there, especially if they are made in China or contain milk powder.

As I was told, when I started banging on about organic food, “Take care of your kids. No one else is going to.” Now might be a good time to bear that in mind.

Take care, and have a a great Halloween, one and all!


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