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So, Apple….

Once, I used Windows computers, as, being a poor new father with cash to fork out for nappies and food and what not, I could ill afford the luxury of “a Mac”, and my missus just not falling for whatever excuses I could come up with…..

But as time went on and money began trickling in, with music and photos to record and edit, I squirreled away enough to take the plunge….

Good days! Everything was so easy. Plug in a camera, a scanner, a printer, the drivers were already there. I’d never before experiences such simplicity with computers! “Apple are wonderful to use”, I told all and sundry…..

Fast forward a few years and I’m now starting to get pissed off, to be blunt…..

For playing music via iTunes, I’m running an old iMac G5 my old man gave me when he upgraded to a brand spanking new iMac and a few months back now, it was a bit of a disappointment when I discovered I could no longer access the iTunes store, as I required the latest version of the iTunes software. Great! Although, not so much, as it wasn’t available for my OS version anymore. Damn! Still, it appeared that I could still do so on the $50 Windows XP machine, I picked up when the missus grabbed it before her work disposed of half a dozen. So, OK, should I want to buy any music, I could do so.

Now, maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, but this messy struggle I now seem to be engaged in, with these once useful pieces of techno wizardry, seems to have reached new levels of absurdity…..

I’ve bought a new camera. My first in 10 years and expecting Apple to do the business, I plugged it into my 5 year old Powerbook, only to find, that the camera isn’t recognized. I have a CD with drivers, but they only work on newer Macs. They do however have drivers for, yep, you guessed it, Windows XP. It seems my 5 year Apple Powerbook is now also of little use, as it now refuses to communicate to the iTunes store as well. Out of date…. the 10 year old Sony VAIO Windows XP laptop I’ve lugged around the world, dropped and kept together with gaffer tape, still does though. Funny that.

So, I have 2 Apple computers, which can’t access the Apple iTunes store, or talk to my new camera, whereas the cheap Windows XP still does.

And today, came the final straw. I tried to subscribe to a new podcast, only to find that on both Macs, when I click the subscribe link via the podcast webpage, the iTunes software, in it’s storefront window, now tells me to get the new version of iTunes, you know, the one I can’t have as their computers are so out of date now, they might as well be stone tablets….. (not iPad tablets! Oh no, they’d work just fine…..)

You’re right Apple, as it says when you tell me to get the new version, “Look at what I’m missing!”. Don’t worry though, I’ll simply listen to the podcast via the website, using my Windows computer and you can stuff your iTunes software.

After much deliberation, my days with Apple are now numbered. It ain’t worth the premium you pay, I’m afraid. They don’t “just work”…..