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Back, Once More….

Missed me? Yeah, ya did, just a little.…

Lord Jesus Boom....

It’s been an interesting month for yours truly. Where to begin….

I could tell you of the fiasco of moving, where utility providers cancel the order you placed, without telling you, repeatedly such that you are disconnected from the wonders of the interweb, fighting to run your web based tutoring business from the car, driving around your new neighbourhood in search of a “hotspot”, or at the very least a slightly tepid one.

Or of property managing agents that seemingly do anything other than that, such that when you turn up at your new HQ, it’s not been cleaned, the flooring hasn’t been done, furniture has been left and the lighting is hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen, along with the light bulbs blown. I won’t repeat the language I used with their many departments, when they told me it was my responsibilty to replace them….

Or I could regale you tales of battle, which have been waged with a rodent infestation, discovered when one of the rats was casually having a mooch in the kitchen sink.

They say in London, you’re never too far from one, for us, they’re above the kitchen, in the roof of the extension. At least, they were. Holes have been plugged up, duct tape has been applied to every possible escape route and traps laid. 3 caught so far, for the others, it’s only a matter of time….

Suffice to say that the one job I ask of the f**king cat, he has categorically failed in his duty to do. And to think I shipped the little bastard from Canada. That’s gratitude for you.

Or I could tell you of the strange evening I spent unknowingly with a high priestess witch, in a pub, whereby, just as I was about to call it a night, she told me of her history and of my natural powers, that she “saw” when she first witnessed me at work. Still you get days like that I suppose….

I felt like Harry Potter, just with a few grey hairs as opposed to a scar on the forehead….

Other than that, it’s good to be back where it all began. Riding the bike around the old place is bringing back memories, with new ones waiting to be made. JB Jnr has plans to film us riding around the park later today, I’ll keep you posted when he pops it up on his You Toob channel.

Stay tuned.

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Watching Seagulls

Just having a little play around with a blog post, as my patience is wearing wafer thin with the whole thing….


After trying to get my Flickr photos to appear, it may be more hassle than it’s worth, as I can’t seem to get them to align in any useful manner, as, as soon as I try, the image gets lost….

In the Pub, World Cup Final...

So, I may just post them like these…. eating up my bandwidth…. but, anyway, needs must. Click any of ’em, to embigulate, should you wish.

Elsewhere in the Boomerverse, the allotment is being cleared, videos are being edited and various tunes are being made. All will arrive here in good time. Although, sooner would be a whole lot more useful than later. As I once rather profoundly said to someone…

“Time is a race you are unable to win, regardless of the head start you foolishly assume to have been afforded.”



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Those Pesky Voices…

For a while now, the wanderlust has been rumbling in the background. It’s starting to get a little too loud now…


The grass is always greener, I am more aware of that after living in Canada for a few years, but, the world is too large and interesting a place to hang around for too long.

So, various lines have been cast, now we wait to see which destination bites first….

Speaking of which, the sea. I’m still waiting for my first catch. This fishing is a little more frustrating than I gave it credit for. Good job I’m not relying on it for survival….

The weather here is still good. I’d hardly call it a heatwave, as we would be led to believe. It’s warm, or hot yes, but a heatwave? Right…. it’s the summer, isn’t this what it does in the summer? I remember many a lazy summer on the beach shrimping with friends every day after school, cooking them in a kettle in various beach huts and devouring them with Coke and crisps. Meaning, a warm June/July… how quickly we forget….

I’ve almost finished 2 websites for clients. If you want me to set up a site, or WordPress blog, drop me a line, lordboom [at] theboomerverse [dot] com

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JB, Sea Fisherman

Sea fishing, never done it, but I thought it time to have a go, after my old man was over for a visit and came with a sea bass he had caught, which was delicious.

IMG_0422.jpgNeedless to say, I caught bugger all, it was bit rough, so it was more a trial run and casting practice session than anything. As soon as the wind drops, the sea calms and the sun comes out, I’ll be back down to the shoreline. Mackerel and sea bass to come….