Danger! Watermelon Warning!….

Look out! There’s a new threat in town!…. Exploding watermelons put spotlight on Chinese farming practicesNew food scandal as fields of watermelons are destroyed after farmers mistakenly apply growth acceleratorRead Full Article @ http://tinyurl.com/3t2p2kl Amazing. Please, I’m all ears, please, someone explain to me the health benefits of a water melon, laden with growth hormones […]

Organic Food IS Better….

So, “organic food is no better!”, I heard you all cry! “You’re mad! You’re being conned!”…. Yeah, right…. Half of all the fruit & veg you buy is contaminated. http://tinyurl.com/nmuwmk ALMOST HALF of the fresh fruit and veg sold across the UK is contaminated with toxic pesticides, according to the latest scientific surveys for the […]