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Rocket Baby, On National Radio!….

Well, that’s another thing to cross off the list of things to do….

Our tune, Rocket Baby, was featured on the 6Music show hosted by Tom Robinson, in the UK. Now I know what it’s like to have and hear your single on the radio! I gotta tell you, it’s weird, but not like anything else. If it goes no further, it’s something that I’m going to remember. The kids heard it and couldn’t believe it, their old man on the radio! I’ll upload an mp3 as soon as I get it, but until then, click here to hear the show. We’re first, straight off the bat, opening the show with the organ swells…. WIK’d!!!

Now, if we can just pull off the possible support slot on an upcoming tour, it’ll top it off, just nicely. (More details of this when I get them. I’m saying nothing more, in case it jinxes it….)

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20 Degrees Today….

It’s 7.30am, just made the scrambled eggs and the tea, waiting for the 20 degree sunshine to hit the Okanagan today….

….yeah, 20 degrees! 21 in Vancouver! Mind you, it goes down again later in the week, with possible snow flurries by Wednesday. The weather has gone mad….

The interview went OK. I am now a classed as a "freelance photographer/journalist" for various newspapers in the Okanagan, didn’t get the full time post, not enough experience. I wasn’t surprised, so not disappointed. Whether I get anything published (and paid!) or not, depends on what I get.

What else is ahead? My trip to the UK is becoming finalised for May/June, with rehearsals starting as soon as I get there. The Phantom is auditioning drummers now. Johnny (4) Eyes, bass man extraodinaire gets in end of May. Phantomville hits the road very soon….

I have a recording session client here at The ElectroVoodoo Studio, my first since coming to Canada, not including myself, through April. Nigel Keane, a friend and poet, has asked me to help record an EP with him, which begins next week. I am meeting up with him tonight to discuss things and get the ball rolling. Should be fun.

Are we all going back? I doubt it. The prospects for the UK, along with news items I read and emails I get from people there, don’t fill me with confidence. My kids are safer and enjoying themselves more, here in Canada. So, we will probably stay. Although, not in the Okanagan. Wages are not enough, the cost of living is too high and we’ve had enough here for now. Opportunities are better in Vancouver, so that’s where we are going. The weather in Toronto has put us off!

OK, now that the eggs are gone, next job on the list, fix Sam’s hockey net….

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A funny thing happened….

"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." – John Lennon

Well, there we were, trying to decide what to do next, Vancouver, Toronto, when I get a Skype call from the Phantom, saying I need to get back to the UK, soon, as he may have some gigs lined up and a possible support slot for a band on their European tour in 2009, due to some of the music we have been recording being heard. Funny old world.

So, plans are underway, for a return to the UK, for me and maybe the rest of the clan if projects become more long term. I have a photo assignment scheduled at the start of April for a couple of days, then may leave for the UK from mid April for at least a few weeks, to start rehearsing, do some more recording and to put some finishing touches to the album, which I hope we’ll finally get out in May.

JB @ The Mean Fiddler, London, UK

Exciting times are afoot again, Jesus Boom may be dusting off the old disco shirt for one more stint on the dancefloor as they say…. or as a doctor once said to his captain….

McCoy: You’re hiding. Hiding behind rules and regulations.
Kirk: Who am I hiding from?
McCoy: From yourself, Admiral.
Kirk: Don’t mince words, Bones. What do you really think?
McCoy: Jim, I’m your doctor and I’m your friend. Get back your command. Get it back before you turn into part of this collection. Before you really do grow old.

I knew it was about time I discovered my old ST collection and always thought there was more magic in there, if you got past the wobbly sets…..

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The Names Bond….

Who would have thought it, eh…. just as we are working on the album, the opportunity comes up for us to submit a tune for a new James Bond audiobook….

So, this morning via Skype, we’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth and we think we have a rough tune bubbling away. The mic is warming up and The Phantom is figuring out the arrangement, meanwhile I’m dusting off the old Shirley Bassey voice, getting it ready for a run through.

More news when we get it, as they say.

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Back in the Studio….

It’s been a busy week here in the Boomerverse….

At Work 1....I’ve been in "the studio" recording vocals for some new tracks, preparing for an album, which should be out soon.

I finally got round to getting my hands on a decent mic and it’s making a huge difference, should have done it sooner. So what with the Mac, the mic and the desk, you don’t need a whole lot more. I actually like the sound of my own voice again. I’m just letting the thing warm up, so it’s ready for some more takes.

That’s the best thing about the wonders of technology these days. I’m here in Vancouver, Canada, whilst The Phantom is in the UK, at present, so what happens is he sends me a file to drop into Garageband, I lay the vocals tracks down and send the new file back, whilst he listens in via Skype live.

Stay tuned.

For the throat....The Engineer....The Studio Door....

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