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Devil May Care

Once, a while ago, we were asked to submit a tune for the audiobook of the James Bond story by Anthony Horowitz, “Devil May Care”

Nope, we didn’t get selected, despite some good responses, but there you go.

Anyway, here it is….

[soundcloud id=’29081983′]

I’m preparing a few other tunes for a little album for sale & download. If you want to know when it’s ready, either follow me on Twiter, or sign up for the email notifications. (Your email is safe with me. And no, don’t ask for my list, you’re not having it.)

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Happy Xmas, One And All….

I didn’t want much for xmas, and then I got a tweet from Nerina Pallot….

…. and discovered she’s only gone and done my favourite xmas tune, ain’t she. Get your lugholes round this…..

I Believe In Father Christmas

 [soundcloud url=”″]

So, that’ll do for me, thanks. I’ll be playing this long after the batteries run down and the iPads stop working, for years to come, in fact.

And on that note, hope everyone has a good xmas. See you in the New Year, I guess…..

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Testing Soundcloud…

Time to start putting tunes up on the interwebs, and I’ve discovered Soundcloud….

So, first up, the demo which was recorded for the recent’ish James Bond audiobook, “Devil May Care”, by Sebastian Faulks. Pour yourself a martini, shaken, not stirred, click the big orange button on the left and then, turn the speakers up loud. That’s my advice.

[soundcloud url=”″]

And gradually, more tracks will appear, all on the music page, if you’re interested…..

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How You Like Me Now….

On a bit of a “YouTube Music Video Trip” at the moment…..

Just found this lot after watching “The Fighter” and hearing this tune. Good idea to have this one up as loud as possible…..


I’m gonna play it again….

And then, this bit of guitar playing never ceases to impress me…..


Normal blogging may resume shortly, if I can think of something to report….

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Once, when creativity struck, I had to move the old mixing desk out of the cupboard, make some space, set it up, and put it away again when the missus and the kids came home….

This is the studio setup now…..


It’s a lot easier on the back, not to mention far more “efficient” at catching the creative muse when it appears.

So, blogging has been a bit sparse of late, as I’ve been tinkering with the Apogee gadget which has made the old gear redundant, to a certain extent. Doing some demo’s, maybe stick a few up on here for download, we’ll see.

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So, Apple….

Once, I used Windows computers, as, being a poor new father with cash to fork out for nappies and food and what not, I could ill afford the luxury of “a Mac”, and my missus just not falling for whatever excuses I could come up with…..

But as time went on and money began trickling in, with music and photos to record and edit, I squirreled away enough to take the plunge….

Good days! Everything was so easy. Plug in a camera, a scanner, a printer, the drivers were already there. I’d never before experiences such simplicity with computers! “Apple are wonderful to use”, I told all and sundry…..

Fast forward a few years and I’m now starting to get pissed off, to be blunt…..

For playing music via iTunes, I’m running an old iMac G5 my old man gave me when he upgraded to a brand spanking new iMac and a few months back now, it was a bit of a disappointment when I discovered I could no longer access the iTunes store, as I required the latest version of the iTunes software. Great! Although, not so much, as it wasn’t available for my OS version anymore. Damn! Still, it appeared that I could still do so on the $50 Windows XP machine, I picked up when the missus grabbed it before her work disposed of half a dozen. So, OK, should I want to buy any music, I could do so.

Now, maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, but this messy struggle I now seem to be engaged in, with these once useful pieces of techno wizardry, seems to have reached new levels of absurdity…..

I’ve bought a new camera. My first in 10 years and expecting Apple to do the business, I plugged it into my 5 year old Powerbook, only to find, that the camera isn’t recognized. I have a CD with drivers, but they only work on newer Macs. They do however have drivers for, yep, you guessed it, Windows XP. It seems my 5 year Apple Powerbook is now also of little use, as it now refuses to communicate to the iTunes store as well. Out of date…. the 10 year old Sony VAIO Windows XP laptop I’ve lugged around the world, dropped and kept together with gaffer tape, still does though. Funny that.

So, I have 2 Apple computers, which can’t access the Apple iTunes store, or talk to my new camera, whereas the cheap Windows XP still does.

And today, came the final straw. I tried to subscribe to a new podcast, only to find that on both Macs, when I click the subscribe link via the podcast webpage, the iTunes software, in it’s storefront window, now tells me to get the new version of iTunes, you know, the one I can’t have as their computers are so out of date now, they might as well be stone tablets….. (not iPad tablets! Oh no, they’d work just fine…..)

You’re right Apple, as it says when you tell me to get the new version, “Look at what I’m missing!”. Don’t worry though, I’ll simply listen to the podcast via the website, using my Windows computer and you can stuff your iTunes software.

After much deliberation, my days with Apple are now numbered. It ain’t worth the premium you pay, I’m afraid. They don’t “just work”…..

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Doing a bit of tutoring in the Streaming Cafe a few weeks back and heard a CD they were playing, which blew me away….

So when I found out Vancouver based artist, Adaline, was coming to the cafe for a show, it was one we had to go to. If you want to see the show itself, head over to the cafe’s website and search the archive section. In the meantime, she has just released her first Enjoy….


Good, eh…. sure beats the crap you get fed on Pop Idol, that’s for sure. There’s talent out there, you just have to work a little harder to find it sometimes…..

The CD has been on repeat for the last few days now, with Holly belting out the song in the video.

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Sometimes, Your Kids Will Make You Proud…

The desk is being warmed up, the coffee is on and we’re getting ready to record "Silent Night"…

Miss decided she wanted to record the xmas hymn, so that she could send it out on the web and try to raise some cash for a local charity.

So, we’re going to try and get it all down by the end of the day. I’m about to fire off an email to the Phantom to see if he’ll mix it and I might even try to enlist Johnny 4 Eyes, wherever he his in the world, to maybe do a video. We might be asking a bit much at this late notice, but we’ll see….

I’ll let you all know how it goes… I was supposed to be tidying up, but this seemed like more fun!

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The Tomat Talent Show ’09….

The Talent Show arrived today. A few weeks of practice, all came down to this morning….

The Talent Show Gig #2....

The Talent Show Gig #2....

A little nervous as she started, it was her first time singing on her own, in front of a crowd. It’s always been with the choir, or on the stage with the whole group. So today, she had to put her nerves aside…

The Talent Show Gig #1....

The level of concentration was intense, as you can tell!…. it was first time in front of a crowd for me, in nearly 5 years. I was hoping not to fluff it too, and hence put her off….

The Talent Show Gig #4....

In the end though, the practice paid off. As we played, I noticed a few teachers and parents in tears! Even the principle came over at the end and said he was “welling up with tears” as we played. And he’s a big guy!

The Talent Show Gig #5....

A “job well done!”, as they say. We wanted her to shine and she did. One mum came over at the end to say, “We didn’t know Holly had such a great voice. We do now!”

That’s it then, I’m off to get a new mixing desk this weekend. “The Star” has a bunch of her own songs she wants to record now and make her own CD. What Pandora’s Box have we opened, I wonder….

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