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The Thames @ Twickers….

Spent a grey day in Twickenham, on out current vagabonding experience in the UK….

A bit of a grey day, but thought I’d try the effects on the camera. Swans and pigeons and, of course, Canadian geese!

Thames @ Twickers(2)

Thames @ Twickers(1)
Just to the right of the shots, is a pub, where many a summer evening was whiled away, as the sun went down, with a pint in hand.

In fact, along the Richmond/Twickenham stretch of the River Thames, many a pub was frequented as we strolled along, or cycled. Not that it’s all ab out the pubs, but after a days fishing on the water, or a walk on a sunny afternoon, some pub grub and a pint can’t easily be beaten.

I’m on the lookout for a decent Ploughman’s now. Any suggestions?

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Eastbourne Seafront….

Eastbourne Seafront….

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Better on a sunny afternoon, but it is November I guess….

Click on the pic to embiggen, if you fancy a shoofty at an embiggened version.

The bike failed to start, parts need to be ordered, but I will get the girl going again. I’ve got to. I promised her I would when the tarpaulin was removed and I once again took my position in the saddle.

We’ve been exploring the old town areas of Eastbourne, I don’t know why we haven’t before and discovered the Meads part of town, which was very nice, having a the feel of a little village with lots of buildings with a lot of character. I think if we were to move permanently to Eastbourne, that’s where we’d like it to be. Although, it’s quite desirable and pricey….. so maybe as close as we can to the area might be a better idea.

No further plans or news as yet.

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Initial Musings….

I’ve put off writing something regarding our "visit" to the UK after 6 years, but I’ll try to get it down here….

First impressions;

1. Where are all the bangers? All I see, everywhere I go are newish, sparkling motors. When I was starting out, I had a banger, most of the first time drivers I knew had one. We were students, it was all we could afford, or all our parents would stump up the cash for. What happened? If you’re telling me you can’t afford to live here, to buy your food, I can see why…..

2. The food…. it doesn’t seem all that pricey, to be honest. Everything we bought in Canada was twice if not 3 times as much, and not as good quality either. So, maybe if you hadn’t splashed out on state of the art mobile phones, the shops of which are always busy, you might be able to eat properly. Just a thought….

3. The big stores, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, WHSmiths, all look tacky, or tatty inside. What happened? There are sale, or deal signs everywhere, bombarding you when you get in. Luckily, I’m immune to ’em…. On a positive note, the smaller independent stores look to be a lot more inviting.

4. Most places seem a lot cleaner than I rememeber. Parts of London we visited weren’t as bad as they used to be and even railway platforms we stopped off at were not bad.

5. Speaking of railways, we took one from Eastbourne to Richmond, buying a One Day Travelcard. Cost? GBP 9.50 each. Now I know it was after 9am, and we had to return after 7pm, but I didn’t think that was too bad for a day trip to London, allowing us to use the bus, train and underground all day unlimited. The odd thing was, the website I was looking at the night before said it was going to be GBP 19 each…..

So, some things change, some things stay the same.

Oh, but the telly programmes, are utterly, utterly crap. Sorry, but they are. In fact, words fail me as to how bad that really is. Please, stop trying to tell me how wonderful the BBC is. The nature stuff is OK, but the rest, is mind numbingly awful. And ITV….. please….

Should I return full time, the TV licence won’t be on the list of things to get, I assure you. Give me my Netflix account and the library anyday.

A highlight though, one thing we have enjoyed so far, was spending a Saturday afternoon in the pub, with the kids, watching Arsenal play Chelsea. Being an Arsenal fan, the boy was in his element, cheering with the crowd when they scored, groaning when they conceded a goal. There were fans of both sides, there was no animosity, no violence nothing, only good humoured banter back and forth. Bugger getting Sky to watch it, I’d take a pint with a group of like minded fans anyday.

Pictures to come….. and more insightful commentary…..

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A Change Was Needed….

Having been in a bit of a rut, unsure of what to do next, decisions have been made and we’re off on a bit of an adventure….

”It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” Alan Cohen

Faced with 2 options, neither of which we were keen to go ahead with, the 3rd “definitely right” plan, failed to present itself. So until it does, what better than an “extended holiday”….

Breaking the cardinal rule of “never go back”, we’re heading to the UK for a bit, visit family and friends not seen for too many years whilst we have a bit of a rethink as to our next destination. It should be interesting, as those same family members not seen for 6 years, are being descended upon, unaware of our plans, which we kept “shtoom” until now.

So, for now, we bid farewell to the Okanagan as the snow on the tops of the mountains, seen from the windows, hint at the return of winter. Although warnings of imminent –20Deg in the UK mean we ought to pack the big coats and snowboot cleats.

All changes are more or less tinged with melancholy, for what we are leaving behind is part of ourselves.” Amelia Barr

Whilst there, in the pipeline are football camps, stage schools, recording sessions and live gigs. So, for now, stay tuned. There’s a change a’coming…..

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Once, when creativity struck, I had to move the old mixing desk out of the cupboard, make some space, set it up, and put it away again when the missus and the kids came home….

This is the studio setup now…..


It’s a lot easier on the back, not to mention far more “efficient” at catching the creative muse when it appears.

So, blogging has been a bit sparse of late, as I’ve been tinkering with the Apogee gadget which has made the old gear redundant, to a certain extent. Doing some demo’s, maybe stick a few up on here for download, we’ll see.

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Once More Unto the Breach….

Indeed, dear friends, once more. We’re in the final, that’s it. And it’s now out of my hands…..

Now the boys have to step up. We’ve done all we can to prepare them for this moment, when they enter the “arena” tomorrow, their fate is their own hands. Dramatic, eh! Whatever happens, they’ve done better than I ever hoped when I agreed to help coach them.

Problem is, I’m not sure how we get past our seasons nemesis. Whilst eating dinner tonight, flashbacks of badminton tournaments and opponents far better than I, returned to my memory, along with the feeling of “what the hell do I do now?”

And then I remembered something, my brothers would appreciate and no doubt remind me…..

Saavik…. “Permission to speak freely, sir?”
Kirk…. “Granted.”
Saavik…. “I do not believe this was a fair test of my command abilities.”
Kirk…. “And why not?”
Saavik…. “Because… there was no way to win.”
Kirk…. “A no-win situation is a possibility every commander may face. Has that never occurred to you?”

If I can remember how I overcame those opponents, apply it to the problem I now face and then instill it into the boys, we may stand a chance. I’ve got a few hours to figure it out.

Lastly, continuing the Churchill inspired quotes, they seem somewhat apt…..

Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required. – Winston Churchill

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“There’s Gonna Be A Showdown”….

“Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.”  – Winston Churchill

And so, my coaching season reaches, possibly it’s last weekend, the semi final is this afternoon. The final is tomorrow, should we get past Kamlooops today, against the only team to draw with us, and then manage a win, our seasons nemesis, Vernon. “There’s gonna be a showdown.”, sang Jeff Lynne…..

A place in the provincial playoff is the prize. The charge of whether the boys can pull it off is rapidly leaving my hands, I’ve done all I can, it’s now whether they want to do it or not.

“For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history myself.”  – Winston Churchill

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As we sat on our little deck amongst the trees, sipping a glass of wine, a multitude of hummingbirds were diving, fighting and playing around us.

This guy seemed to be the boss though….


Seemed like a good opportunity to test out the HD video on the little Canon Elph300 we just bought, so I sat patiently just by the feeder, as a number of hummingbirds hovered so close to my face, I could feel the draft caused by their wings.

Expect more of the same, should I remember to have the camera to hand, now I know how to use it….

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And So, We Come to the End….

It is with a heavy heart that I bid one and all, a farewell, for we fast approach the End of the World. That’s it, there’s no more, you’ve had your fill, it’s over…..

Saturday is last day on earth, claims evangelical Christian Harold Camping, 89, wrongly predicted ‘the rapture’ date once before in 1994 God’s chosen few ascend to heaven, sinners left behind to face earthquakes Atheists hold parties to celebrate ‘inevitable embarrassment’ Christian author calls Camping’s prediction ‘flat-out wrong’

I fear I won’t be one of the few, or many, depending on your position, lifted to the heavenly penthouse, to look down on all the fools. I’ve got way too many library cards for any one family to possess. It’s greed, that’s all, pure and simple, I want to borrow everything! A crime for which, now, I must pay the price.

I didn’t bother getting my pet set up for a first class seat either, I’m afraid. That’s my fault, not his. Again, I accept my earthbound punishment.

I don’t feel envy, I wish you all well.

So, now, once you’ve all left, the toys you spent all that time working for, I assume will be left behind, you won’t be needing ‘em. Do us a favour and leave the keys somewhere easy to find, would ya? Ta…. I’ve got my eyes on a nice BMW M3 up the road, a smashing power boat down the road, the RV centre on the highway looks like it’s a got a nice selection and there must be a very homely pad on the lake, that the owners, having moved on to a better place, would be only too pleased for a caring family to take over.

In actual fact…. I’m betting that I’ll be seeing most of you on the other side, of the weekend that is. So, get the beers in, or in the immortal words of the wonderful David Ford, a most criminally ignored songwriter….

This land is your land, this land is mine
So pull up a chair and watch the decline.

Mine’s a Blue Moon with a slice of orange, if you’re in these parts. I’ll provide the burgers and the BBQ…..

Urgent End of the World Update! An Irish Grandad has also found himself concocting a Last Post. He also has a wicked video of an old Rowan Atkinson sketch…..