Organic Food IS Better….

So, “organic food is no better!”, I heard you all cry! “You’re mad! You’re being conned!”…. Yeah, right…. Half of all the fruit & veg you buy is contaminated. ALMOST HALF of the fresh fruit and veg sold across the UK is contaminated with toxic pesticides, according to the latest scientific surveys for the […]

West Kelowna Glenrosa & Rose Valley Fire, Day 3…

We’re heading into the 3rd afternoon…. I may have to eat my words. There was a calm over West Kelowna earlier this morning, as I said, things ticking over as normal, well, as normal as can be expected. People were heading off to work, if they’d been evacuated, in the clothes they were evacuated in […]

West Kelowna Forest Fire Latest….

The view, from the front, tonight…. 10,000 people evacuated or effected, 4000 homes and now over 300 hectares. We’re still waiting for more news on the Rose Valley fire and how it is developing, although it’s being reported as over 20 hectares and parts are now being evacuated…. Tags: Glenrosa, Rose Valley, Forest Fire, Okanagan, […]