Peachland Update 3pm’ish…

So, checking the news channels, I’ve got this for now…. Ministry of Forests and Range say fire is 18 hectares in size and is contained below the highway. 14 firefighters, 5 helicopters and one piece of heavy equipment are on scene. Calm winds are slowing fire behaviour. The plumes of smoke have certainly dissipated, (I […]

Water, Water….

So, those transmitting wifi water meters were not just about "making it easier for the customer" after all…. Limits in place for watering systemsStage 2 sprinkling restrictions have been rescinded and Stage 1 restrictions have been implemented in some areas of West Kelowna. The Board of Trustees has implemented Stage 1 Sprinkling Regulations (even/odd) as […]

Sinkhole in Guatemala Could Get Even Bigger

“Honey? You did get insurance didn’t you…..” The sinkhole has likely been weeks or even years in the making—floodwaters from tropical storm Agatha caused the sinkhole to finally collapse, scientists say. The sinkhole appears to be about 60 feet (18 meters) wide and about 30 stories deep.Read Full Article @


At last, some produce from the garden…. The “Tiger Tommies” are especially good! It took some chicken manure from the new neighbour to kick the damn things into gear, and since surrounding the bases of the plants, they’ve gone into overdrive. Even the pepper plant is entering “warp speed”! The soil clearly needs a bit […]