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Back, Once More….

Missed me? Yeah, ya did, just a little.…

Lord Jesus Boom....

It’s been an interesting month for yours truly. Where to begin….

I could tell you of the fiasco of moving, where utility providers cancel the order you placed, without telling you, repeatedly such that you are disconnected from the wonders of the interweb, fighting to run your web based tutoring business from the car, driving around your new neighbourhood in search of a “hotspot”, or at the very least a slightly tepid one.

Or of property managing agents that seemingly do anything other than that, such that when you turn up at your new HQ, it’s not been cleaned, the flooring hasn’t been done, furniture has been left and the lighting is hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen, along with the light bulbs blown. I won’t repeat the language I used with their many departments, when they told me it was my responsibilty to replace them….

Or I could regale you tales of battle, which have been waged with a rodent infestation, discovered when one of the rats was casually having a mooch in the kitchen sink.

They say in London, you’re never too far from one, for us, they’re above the kitchen, in the roof of the extension. At least, they were. Holes have been plugged up, duct tape has been applied to every possible escape route and traps laid. 3 caught so far, for the others, it’s only a matter of time….

Suffice to say that the one job I ask of the f**king cat, he has categorically failed in his duty to do. And to think I shipped the little bastard from Canada. That’s gratitude for you.

Or I could tell you of the strange evening I spent unknowingly with a high priestess witch, in a pub, whereby, just as I was about to call it a night, she told me of her history and of my natural powers, that she “saw” when she first witnessed me at work. Still you get days like that I suppose….

I felt like Harry Potter, just with a few grey hairs as opposed to a scar on the forehead….

Other than that, it’s good to be back where it all began. Riding the bike around the old place is bringing back memories, with new ones waiting to be made. JB Jnr has plans to film us riding around the park later today, I’ll keep you posted when he pops it up on his You Toob channel.

Stay tuned.

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Phase #2

And so, Phase #2 is now underway….

After a few false starts, we seem to have a new location for Boomerverse HQ, back in the area it all began. Let’s hope this move finds a little more settled. At least, for the foreseeable future….

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Saturday Night…

It was a fine evening for some fire twirling, a few beers or 3 and some great music….


Despite what many would have you believe, the UK isn’t all bad. As the summer finally arrives, beer gardens are as tempting as they ever were. Turn the telly off, call a friend and go visit one.

For more from the Boomerverse visit,

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A Happy Man Indeed….

A drive and a wander, the order of the day, on a glorious sunny Sunday afternoon….

Having driven past a couple of weeks back, we took a walk around Arlington Reservoir, about an hour,  (unless you’re in no hurry!)

And on the way home, we took some previously uncharted roads by us, through the countryside.

The Old Oak Inn....

A spur of the moment stop at this old English pub, and I became a very happy man. Blue Moon wheat larger…. and on tap! "Mine’s a pint!"

The Old Oak Inn at Arlington, has been there since 1788, when it was originally an armoury for 4 familes, before being turned into a pub at the turn of the 1900’s, says the landlady. If you’re out and about in the Sussex countryside, search it out.

What better way to end an afternoon, than with a peaceful hour in the beer garden, whilst the sun is out and there’s blue skies all around….

"Mine's a Pint!"...

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Water, water, everywhere….

For the car wash and golf courses, but not a drop from a hose, for the veggie garden….

How the hell is it not OK for me to water my veggie garden using the hose, which would be a fraction of the amount used by this car wash alone, not to mention the golf courses, which are apparently exempt from the hose pipe ban?

Better to keep the car clean, and whacking tiny balls, than to let me grow my own food. Right. I forgot, got to save the planet and all that….

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Huh? When?….

Just taken a peek and seen the last post was Dec 23rd. And it’s now Feb! Crikey….

Very slack.

We’re still in the UK for now, having set up our HQ Command Centre for a few months, whilst we wait for the next pathway of our fate to present itelf.

Other than that, all quiet, as far as I can tell. Nothing too exciting to report.

Snow has arrived in the UK. And the boiler, should you have been following the Boomerverse Twitter Feed, has decided to go AWOL. So, that’s handy. Tea, cheese on toast and mutliple layers of clothing, whilst we entomb ourselves in duvets help us stick 2 fingers up to the bloody thing. We foolishly left our snow and winter gear in Canada, so are ill prepared to deal with too much outdoor activity, settling for  board games, the radio, reading and Netflix instead.

So, on that note, I leave you with Kill It Kid and “Heart Rested With You”. I can’t remember if I’ve alerted readers to this lot, but we’ve got it blaring at the moment….


What next on the classic movie afternoon? “Psycho“?

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Happy Xmas, One And All….

I didn’t want much for xmas, and then I got a tweet from Nerina Pallot….

…. and discovered she’s only gone and done my favourite xmas tune, ain’t she. Get your lugholes round this…..

I Believe In Father Christmas

 [soundcloud url=”″]

So, that’ll do for me, thanks. I’ll be playing this long after the batteries run down and the iPads stop working, for years to come, in fact.

And on that note, hope everyone has a good xmas. See you in the New Year, I guess…..

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“Life Will Find A Way”….

She’s sat, unused, under a tarp for 6 years…..

The Bike...

Both my uncle and brother have had a go at waking her from her slumber, but to no avail….

I’ve spent 2 weekends attempting the same, to no response, and as I was about to throw in the towel, and consign her to history and an ending at the scrap heap, as the rainclouds appeared above…. as I attempted one last option, all other reasons for no response seemingly more elusive than ever…. as I undertook the removal and final strip of the carbs, and a rush job to get them back in before I had to leave…..

…. the beast fired up and growled once more……

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dylan Thomas

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Testing Soundcloud…

Time to start putting tunes up on the interwebs, and I’ve discovered Soundcloud….

So, first up, the demo which was recorded for the recent’ish James Bond audiobook, “Devil May Care”, by Sebastian Faulks. Pour yourself a martini, shaken, not stirred, click the big orange button on the left and then, turn the speakers up loud. That’s my advice.

[soundcloud url=”″]

And gradually, more tracks will appear, all on the music page, if you’re interested…..